Promoting the Quality of Medicines Plus (PQM+)


Supporting the National Quality Control Laboratory for WHO Pre-qualification certification
     Supporting the National Quality Control Laboratory for WHO prequalification. Photo: PQM+ program

PQM+ collaborates with the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) to institutionalize good governance practices that promote greater transparency, accountability, and communication with stakeholders.

PQM+ also assists DGDA to attain Maturity Level 3, as measured by the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Benchmarking Tool, for its market surveillance and control, laboratory testing, lot release, clinical trial, and marketing authorization functions; and to implement risk-based post-marketing surveillance.

PQM+ helps the National Control Laboratory strengthen its testing capability, especially regarding tuberculosis (TB), family planning, and maternal, newborn, child health medical products, as well as vaccines. In addition, the program supports local manufacturers to increase the production of quality-assured first-line anti-TB medicines. PQM+ also supports the country’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts and helps expand access to quality-assured personal protective equipment (PPE).

Furthermore, PQM+ collaborates with both public and private pharmaceutical manufacturers, laboratories, professional associations, and research organizations to promote the access and availability of quality-assured programmatic medicines an

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