Promoting the Quality of Medicines Plus (PQM+)


Pharmacist working in quality control lab in Nepal
     Pharmacist working in quality control lab in Nepal. Photo: PQM+ program

PQM+ is working with Nepal’s Department of Drug Administration (DDA) to strengthen its medical product quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) systems at the federal and subnational levels. With the DDA, the program is promoting the application of risk-based approaches in the inspection and post-marketing surveillance functions. In addition, PQM+ and DDA are collaborating with the National Medicines Laboratory (NML) to enhance testing of medical products and strengthen the NML to meet international standards.

To promote supply of quality-assured medicines, PQM+ trains private and public manufacturers to improve their manufacturing standards. The program is engaging with private manufacturers to help them meet WHO’s prequalification requirements and with the public manufacturer to improve its GMP status.

PQM+ is partnering with the Ministry of Health and Population to ensure the quality assurance of essential medicines distributed through the supply chain. Collaborating with Nepal Pharmacy Council, the Nepal Health Research Council, the Association of Pharmaceutical Producers of Nepal, and other public and private sector stakeholders, PQM+ is strengthening coordination mechanisms to prevent, detect, and respond to the proliferation of substandard and falsified medicines. Furthermore, PQM+ is raising awareness on the issues of substandard and falsified medicines among the public and health professionals through training programs and dissemination of information materials, such as public service messages, posters, and infographic stickers.

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Kathmandu, Nepal